The Emmepi strapping machines with frame combine the solid and lasting mechanical structure with the most
updated control and safety technologies in its area.
It is designed to strap box packages and/or corrugated cardboard sheets.
The machine keeps hold the package through a pressing bar before the transverse strapping.
4 pirouetting wheels allow easy movements and 4 feet with M20 stem, guarantee a stable position or a fastening
to the ground.
The machine is able to operate for all the requested time during the years of its activity and to face all the workrelated
stresses following to the eventual increase of the production that will have to manage.
We emphasize this feature thanks to the reliability over time integrated by the simplicity of use and the limited
maintenance required, which are the highlights of the industrial machines we manufacture.
The strapping machine automatically executes the complete strapping cycle thanks to a manual command (or by a
pedal), with polypropylene (PP) strap.
A complete Periodic Maintenance Program guarantees the continuous functioning of the strapping machine over
time, minimizing any anomalies and providing ready resolutions in addition to the traditional operation of the
Emmepi Technical Service.
The machine is manufactured in various widths, to better adapt to the specifications requested by the customer.

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