Emmepi Technical Service

The Emmepi strappers are machines built to last with a robust and long-lasting mechanical structure. Its top-quality components and the most up-to-date control and safety technologies, which are also extended to prevent from damage and (when possible) from blocking the machine during anomalies, with a series of warnings and alarms that guide the operator in solving technical problems.

As a proof of it, the number of installed machines are over 2700. Dozens of them are over 20 years old, even though they are used in three daily work shifts. The continuous operation without burdensome machine downtime, which always happens at the least convenient time, is guaranteed by the Emmepi Technical Service, which uses a well-equipped facility and external engineers.

Telephone assistance and Tele-assistance are supplied by the office; those machines that are provided with this option (see below "Tele-assistance"), minimize any anomalies by providing with ready resolutions, in addition to the traditional operation of the Technical Service.
Moreover, Emmepi organizes assistance interventions accomplished by internal and external technicians and provides with the revisions of the units that are sent to Dresano by customers (see Machine units revision).

For any request of information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us


Tele-assistance is a technology that allows you to be connected remotely (for example from the Emmepi headquarter) to the customer machines by Internet.
In this way the engineer, who is often assisted by the operator or by a customer maintenance technician, can accomplish a series of operations to the machine and detect the fault more accurately or remedy it temporarily or permanently depending on the nature of the fault.
It can also modify the machine program or update it.
Only those machines that can be connected to an internet line and equipped with a special module can use this service.
Tele-assistance can be installed during a technical intervention, but it is not possible on very old machines.

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