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Integrated solutions for the cardboard industry
The excellence of the "Made in Italy" at the service of modern companies.

Emmepi Group is an established team, which has been operating successfully in the corrugated cardboard market for over 30 years, it is based in Perugia and sells the products of its represented companies.
Born from a strategic partnership to propose itself as a unique interlocutor, able to develop proposals tailored to the different needs of customers and create targeted solutions for each specific market segment.

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    EMMEPI Srl is based in Milan. It manufactures automatic and semiautomatic strapping machines as well as joggers with transversal and in-line strapping and vertical strapping machines for pallets and bales.


    LOGITEC srl is headquartered in Perugia. It manufactures handling plants and automatic warehouses in the cardboard and corrugated cardboard market.
    It manufactures roller conveyor and motorized rotating and shifting carpet conveyor systems, which bring the product to the out-feed of the corrugators and other production machines towards the printing, cut, strapping, wrapping, box forming, squaring machines, etc..
    In addition to linear roller conveyors, they use centering systems, rotating turning tables, 90° rolls/chains or rolls/belts exchangers, pallet stackers, pallet inserters, forklift grips. They are all integrated and mechanized inside the lines.


    FAVALESSA Srl is headquartered in Treviso.
    It offers a wide range of processing corrugated cardboard machines, including all types of Loaders, Palletisers, Cleaners / Stackers, Separators of cardboard units, Depalletizers, for any kind of machine processing machine and market need.


    PIERI SRL with 40 years of experience in the packaging market, designs and offers a wide range of automatic wrapping machines: turntable machine, arm-wrapping machine and ring wrapping machine.

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