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The PC2 "Compact" jogger is a fully automatic machine which, after selecting the strapping program (0, 1
or 2), is activated and does not require the intervention of any operator.
It was manufactured to square and strap transversally packages of corrugated cardboard boxes.
It combines the most up-to-date control and safety technologies in its sector with a robust, solid and long lasting
mechanical structure.
It is reliable over time and integrates the simplicity of its use with limited maintenance, which are highlights
of the industrial machines we manufacture.
The machine is composed of an in-feed motorized roller conveyor that transports the package into the
machine, where it is pressed by the upper top guide (if this option is present) and squared by two side
stops of the lateral jogger and a frontal jogger group.
The free roller conveyor in exit has the possibility to be opened to inspect the strapping group, while the
wheels on the rails allow the manual (transverse) movement of the whole machine.
The strapping machine with frame is integrated into the machine with a reliable TA-05 strapping group and
frames with nylon guides and pneumatically controlled opening.
The electric and the pneumatic panel on the machine, the controls on the 7" colour touch screen, the
programmable PLC, complete the machine management and the indication of any anomalies.
The lateral guarding outside the frame delimit the danger zone.
Optionally it is manufactured to perform a double lateral squaring.
A complete Periodic Maintenance Program and Tele-assistance (optional) guarantee the continuous
functioning of the strapping machine over time, minimizing any anomalies and providing ready resolutions
in addition to the traditional operation of the Emmepi Technical Service.
The machine is manufactured in five widths, to be better adapted to the specifications requested by the

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