PR1-MF / PR1-1L-MF

Emmepi vertical automatic strapping machine combines the most up-to-date control and safety technologies in its
area with a robust, solid and long-lasting mechanical structure.
The strapping head of proven efficiency straps the product by polypropylene or polyester strap permanently,
welding it tenaciously by thermal fusion, while the pressing plate presses the package.
The machine is completed by a bidirectional motorized roller conveyor controlled by an inverter and by the lance
for the strapping inside the pallets, in the PR1-1L MF version.
The motorized decoiler and the electrical panel are separated from the machine body to be placed in the optimal
position according to the customer's layout.
The touch screen panel allows a simple machine/user interface to be used for the numerous programs the
machine is equipped with.
The sheet-inserter device puts a protection sheet onto the product, where the strap flowing would damage the
exposed edges.
Optionally installed, the intermediate stop device speed up the strapping cycle.
The strapping machine can accomplish over 200 cycles/hours according to the sizes of the machine and those ones
of the product as well as of the present options.
Particular attention is dedicated to security, as it is shown by the safety guarding with access doors controlled by
safety micros, the photoelectrical barriers (Muting), the plate fall arrest system, the safety PLC.
A complete Periodic Maintenance Program and Tele-assistance (optional) guarantee the continuous functioning of
the strapping machine over time, minimizing any anomalies and providing ready resolutions in addition to the
traditional operation of the Emmepi Technical Service.
The machine is manufactured in twenty formats, corresponding to four heights and five widths, to be better
adapted to the specifications requested by the customer.

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